BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40
BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40
BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40
BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40
BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40
BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40 BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40 BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40 BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40

BAI 9082 Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖(40" x 120"欧宝平台最新官网)

常规的价格 359.99美元

Megaflex哑光白色薄瓷砖- 40" x 120欧宝平台最新官网"

1件= 33.3 SQFT |10.80美元/平方英尺



  • 由瓷与高质量的哑光白色完成
  • 高度耐用,5毫米厚,使瓷砖灵活
  • 得益于纳米技术涂层表面的光催化作用,Megaflex瓷砖可以通过雨水和阳光自我清洁。
  • 耐水、霜、火、化学药品、细菌、霉菌和真菌。
  • 易于清洁和维护,Megaflex瓷砖具有光滑的表面,污垢不会积聚。
  • 与标准瓷砖相比,环保产品使用更少的能源和原材料
  • 土耳其制造


  • 专为墙壁和地板安装
  • 是否可以使用灌浆或薄套安装
  • 是否可以用标准的玻璃,陶瓷切割机和电脑控制的自动切割机切割所需的尺寸
  • 可以用玻璃钻头钻孔,也可以用其他自动钻孔设备钻孔吗
  • 适用于住宅或商业应用


近似的大小 40英寸× 120英寸
瓷砖的大小 39.4" x 118.1"
瓷砖厚度 5毫米
报道 33.33平方英尺/电脑
板的重量 78.3磅
表面 不光滑的
水的阻力 防水
放置 室内/室外
Megaflex Matte White Thin Porcelain Tile - 40" x 120"

1 piece = 33.3 sqft | $10.80 /sqft

Designed to shape the architecture of the future, Megaflex porcelain tiles are equipped with superior features to ensure flawless performance under any condition. Due to its light and thin form, Megaflex porcelain tiles are an ideal choice for building exteriors, and its robust structure makes it resistant to different climate conditions. Its modern looks, large dimensions that reduce the number of grout lines, make Megaflex an indispensable part of any interior, adding value to life in various living areas.


  • Made from porcelain with a high quality matte white finish
  • Highly durable with a 5mm thickness allows the tile to be flexible
  • Photocatalytic thanks to its nano-tech coating surface, the Megaflex tile cleans itself with rain and sunlight.
  • Resistant to water, frost, fire, chemicals, bacteria, mold and fungus.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, the Megaflex tile has a smooth surface on which dirt does not accumulate.
  • Eco friendly product manufactured using less energy and fewer raw materials than standard ceramic tiles
  • Manufactured in Turkey


  • Designed for wall and floor installation
  • Can be installed using grout or thin-set
  • Can be cut with standard glass, ceramic cutters and computer controlled automatic cutting machines in the required dimensions
  • Can be drilled with glass drills as well as with other automatic drilling devices
  • Suitable for residential or commercial applications


IMPORTANT NOTE: This tile is available for local pickup only! We are unable to ship this tile size at the moment.

Approximate Size 40" x 120"
Tile Size 39.4" x 118.1"
Tile Thickness 5 mm
Coverage 33.33 sqft/pc
Slab Weight 78.3 lbs
Material Porcelain
Surface Matte
Water Resistance Waterproof
Placement Indoor / Outdoor